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    Battle Terms


    Battle Terms

    Post by BattleMaster on Fri Jul 30, 2010 7:08 pm

    Here, You Will find all the terms and meanings of Battle Arena

    -Score(pts): Your Overall progress in Battle Arena.Doing certain things will increase your Score.The Top five scores are added on the "Top Fighters" list.

    -Experience Points(EP):You gain EP by finishing Battles. Once your EP reaches the Max,You level up.

    -Rank: The Higher your rank:The more you unlock. Each time you collect 4 Gem Shards, you increase a rank

    -Funkey:The Creatures that Inhabitant terripina.

    -Zone: The once semi-worlds of terripina that have been separated into planets by the evil Zoams.

    -Move:An Attack or Defense Move in Battle.

    -Health Points(HP): The Life of the Fighter. Once it reaches 0,the battle is over, and the player still standing wins.

    -Zoam: The Evil invaders that captured Mother Terripina, shattered the Gems, and divided the Zones

    -Great Mother Terripina: The Goddess of the funkey's world, who gets her power from the crystal Gems

    More Terms Coming Soon.

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