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    Paper Issue #1


    Paper Issue #1

    Post by BattleMaster on Thu Sep 02, 2010 2:57 pm

    Front Page:

    The Trust Mode Has Opened to all Fighters,and Entries for Battle One are now Starting.

    Second Page:
    New Shop Opening Soon!
    Some Say that it is called "BackWords Cash"

    The Cemetery is also Currently Under Construction.

    Third Page:
    Many Users Are Challenging the Portal Cup lately. It will really keep the Scores Tied Up!

    Also,A Rumored Full Stats Page is Supposed to be released Soon.

    Fourth Page:
    Colors30 Is Currently in The Lead With 200 Game Pts.
    Tied For Second We Have Battlemaster,Glados,and Armageddon Fire With 160 Game Pts.,and In 3rd is Platypus with 140 Pts.

    Mystery Counter Archive:
    The Counter is 284 At 2:00Pm,September 02,EST.

    Make Sure to read the Next exciting Issue!


    DNA Moves:
    VR Scratch:Beat Pinch,Two-Hand-Slap
    N Drift: Speedy Pinch(In Trust Battle)
    R Sol:Micro SunBurn,Screech

    Cups: City,

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