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    Step 2-Goal And Levels


    Step 2-Goal And Levels

    Post by BattleMaster on Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:22 pm

    The Main Goal Of This RPG is to Beat all the Levels. There Are 10 Levels,Plus a Secret One.(Not So Much a Secret anymore..)

    Anyway,Here is How Levels Work:

    In The RPG, there are 10+ levels,each being more difficult than the last.All the Levels are Based on a Zone in UB Funkeys. Each Level Has different Battle Field Conditions,Which May Affect Your Attacks. Some Items are required to battle in certain Places.

    To Unlock a Level,You Must Collect 3 gem Shards from the previous level. (For Example,To Unlock Level 2,Collect 3 Shards from Level 1)

    To Collect Gem Shards,You Must Challenge and defeat a boss.(Thus,3 bosses per level.)
    Defeating the Bosses Won't be easy,so that is why each level has Training Challenges to Up Your Stats.

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