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    Step 3-Battles


    Step 3-Battles

    Post by BattleMaster on Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:32 pm

    One of the most important things in This Rpg is Battling.
    When You Challenge a Boss or Training Arena,You Start a Battle. A Battle is a Fight were Each Fighter Takes Turns Making a Command.

    It Is Quite Simple.

    On the First Turn,The weakest Fighter Will Move First.(Lowest Level)

    On Your Turn,You Have Some Options To Select-

    Use a Move
    -An Action that Ups Your Stats or Damages the Foe
    Flee The Battle-(Run Away/Surrender)

    Use a Battle Item-An Extra Boost from an Item you have in Your Pack

    Switch Your DNA(Step 4)-Switch the Funkey You are Battling With

    The Turns will go back and Forth Until One User Reaches Zero HP.

    Your HP is Your Health/Life in battle,and it is reduced by the foe's Move.

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