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    Step 4-Scanning and DNA


    Step 4-Scanning and DNA

    Post by BattleMaster on Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:36 pm

    As You Know, the evil invaders in the Game are called Zoams. The Zoams have built DNA Scanners,In Which they copy a Funkey's DNA,allowing the Zoam to use that funkey's moves. Shortly after your adventure begins,You Get a Scanner from a Zoam you defeat.

    This is How it Works:

    When you go into battle with a Zoam(In a Training Challenge),You Must Defeat it. Once Defeated,you can scan it and take its Funkey DNA.You May then Change into that Funkey During Another Battle.All funkeys are unique:Different Moves,Stats,etc.
    You May Only have 4 Funkey DNA at once(Including your Starter DNA that you got when you started in which you must keep). Once You Get rid of a DNA,It goes to the Cemetery where any user can buy it for enough coins.

    Your HP Stays the same through out the battle. For Example,If you have Your Scratch DNA in Battle with 10 HP, then Switch to Waggs,the Waggs Will Have 10 HP.

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